politics.co.uk podcast: The coalition's despised NHS reforms

Health workers get their message across at the Save The NHS rally
Health workers get their message across at the Save The NHS rally

Fears of privatisation are overshadowing the government's incredibly unpopular health and social care bill.

It's been 19 months since Andrew Lansley first put forward the coalition's NHS reforms. They have proved extremely unpopular - but ministers are pressing on nonetheless and it's likely to become law soon.

Both sides of the debate are now firmly dug in. Alex Stevenson spoke to Dr Hamish Meldrum, chairman of council at the British Medical Association, and Tory backbencher Dr Sarah Wollaston, a member of the health select committee.

Also featuring in this podcast, interviewed at Wednesday evening's rally against the NHS reforms in Westminster, are ward housekeeper Mary Locke, physiotherapists Jayne Horne and Alison Lindley and GP Kambiz Boomla of Tower Hamlets.

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