politics.co.uk podcast: Time for tax cuts

Tax cuts expected in this year's Budget
Tax cuts expected in this year's Budget

What steps can George Osborne take to stimulate the recovery?

The debate is underway within the coalition over the steps chancellor George Osborne should take to kickstart the recovery in his third Budget. This year the buildup is all about tax cuts. But what precise form should they take?

Alex Stevenson assesses the options: measures to tax the rich to help the poor, to stimulate recovery through a VAT cut and tax cuts to help businesses are all under consideration.

This week's podcast features contributions from Labour's shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, Rachel Reeves; the Liberal Democrats' Treasury spokesperson Stephen Williams; Conservative backbencher Douglas Carswell; and the IPPR thinktank's chief economist, Tony Dolphin.

Let us know what you think - but not on this page, please! We've set up a podcast forum on our Facebook page for you to air your views.

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