Allegations Against School Staff

Children, Schools and Families Committee Report and Voice's evidence.


At a join union meeting on 8 September 2009, it was agreed that the 4 key points of this campaign should be:
. A comprehensive audit of the extent, type and condition of asbestos in educational institutions and the standard of management.
. An assessment to be made of the risk to all those who work and learn in educational institutions.
. Provide relevant training and guidance to educational institutions and raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos in these educational institutions, so they can manage asbestos risks appropriately.
. All the asbestos is to be identified and removed in a phased programme when schools are refurbished under BSF and PCP.

Back Care

.Information and survey

.Results of survey of early years and primary teaching professionals (published 1 April 2011)

Nanny registration

Video interview with Senior Professional Officer (Early Years and Childcare) Tricia Pritchard about nannies and the services that Voice provides.

“As a nanny, why should I join Voice?”

Voice has renewed calls for a compulsory national register of nannies.

McCormac Review of Teacher Education in Scotland 

Updates, comments and statements.