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Voice: Pupil bands would “demoralise” and “penalise improvement”

Voice: the union for education professionals – which represents teachers, headteachers and education support staff – has expressed alarm at proposals to rank primary school pupils in England directly against their peers across the country, and to introduce a new “threshold” standard for primary schools.

General secretary Deborah Lawson said:

“This serves no useful purpose.

“It would put unnecessary pressure on children and demoralise many pupils and parents, while giving dinner party bragging rights to pushy parents with high scoring offspring.

"Mr Clegg claims that this is not about publishing a ‘name and shame league table’, but that’s exactly what would happen and it could even penalise improvement.

“Such a scheme could penalise pupils in lower ‘bands’ who had actually achieved more in terms of effort and improvement than ‘higher ranking’ children.

“I am concerned that these proposals will not actually improve ‘secondary school readiness’ but could have the opposite effect.

“Children are individuals, not statistics. You can’t increase the academic ability of children by threatening them and their schools with percentages.

“Not everybody can be ‘above average’.”

Voice will submit its views in the consultation.



Voice Press Office (pressoffice@voicetheunion.org.uk) on 01332 372337 or 0794 871 0413, general secretary Deborah Lawson (deborahlawson@voicetheunion.org.uk) on 01332 372337 or 07725 960 132 or senior professional officer (education) Ian Toone (iantoone@voicetheunion.org.uk) on 01332 372337.



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