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Voice comments on Higher Education White Paper

Voice: the union for education professionals has expressed its fears for the future of higher education ahead of the Higher Education White Paper, published today (28 June 2011).

General Secretary Philip Parkin said:

“Raising fees and withdrawing state funding from many courses will lead to the effective privatisation of university education as graduates shoulder the costs instead of the Government.

“The language used by government seems to suggest a vision of a cut-price, quantity rather quality, commodity-based system. Education is a public service not a tradable commodity.

“Replacing state funding for many courses with income from student fees and ‘rating’ degrees according to graduate employment rates and salaries would demonstrate a truly cynical disregard for the value of education. Those who advocate such schemes know the price of everything but the value of nothing.

“There is already state funding for education at primary and secondary level and it is crucial to continue that into higher education if society values the skills and learning that education brings.

“Competition is not the way to produce an education system that delivers high-quality provision to those entitled to it.”



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