Unlock Democracy: what we do

If Charter 88 had not been set up, it is doubtful that many of the major changes to the UK's democracy in the past decade would have happened. Charter 88 helped to set the agenda for reforms such as the Human Rights Act, the Freedom of Information Act and devolution in Scotland, Wales and London.

In recent years, Charter 88 and the New Politics Network have continued to campaign for democratic reform, and with the launch of Unlock Democracy, this is set to continue.

Put citizens at the heart of our democracy - Through initiatives such as the Sustainable Communities Bill and Electoral Choice Bill which enable citizens - not politicians - to set the agenda.

Challenge unaccountable and unscrutinised use of prerogative powers - The Armed Forces (Parliamentary Approval for Armed Conflict) Bill, which was tabled by Clare Short in the Commons last year, sought to give Parliament a vote on sending troops into armed conflict - the most important decision any state can make.

Guaranteeing our rights and freedoms in a written constitution - Our aim is for a citizens' constitutional convention to examine what the government can and cannot do in our name.

Revitalise local political parties through targeted state funding - Political parties are fundamental to our political system and should be funded in ways that encourage political participation and activism at a local level.

Shed light on the world of political donations - Party Watch. This is a is a fully searchable database that as well as listing all donations it highlights who the top 10 donors for each party and tracks trends such as the rise of third parties and unincorporated associations.

End the 95 year wait for House of Lords reform - Elect the Lords. This is a cross party campaign supported by MPs and organisations from across the political spectrum. We have been enormously successful in keeping the pressure on the government. Now we need your help to make sure that we win the vote later this year.

Help to make political education personal - We organise People and Politics Day. This is the largest political event aimed at schools and young people in the UK.

Unlock Democracy is about thinking as well as campaigning. We also publish pamphlets, produce original research and organise seminars and public events.