Mission Statement

The following statement was approved by the Charter 88/New Politics Network joint consultative committee in February 2007.

Unlock Democracy (or its successor name) argues and campaigns for a vibrant, inclusive democracy that puts power in the hands of the people.

We seek a democratic participative process resulting in a written constitution. That constitution would define the roles and relationships between the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. It would determine the manner and extent to which power is shared between representatives at local, national and the United Kingdom levels, and within international organisations.

We campaign:

. to ensure that the votes of all carry equal weight
. for transparency in public decision making
. to achieve legislative changes that modernise our governance
. to ensure that power is exercised as close to people as is practicable
. to empower individuals and their communities to have a greater say over the decisions that affect them
. for democratic accountability of all elected representatives, government and public bodies

We promote:

. a new culture of informed political interest and responsibility, paving the way for increased enthusiastic public participation
. a pluralist democracy that is responsive to the problems and aspirations of all people, valuing and accommodating difference and diversity. Everyone has the right to live their life in dignity under the law, and free from fear.

Unlock Democracy is a non-aligned organisation, committed to working inclusively across the political spectrum. We seek to build respect for human rights into our practice. We stand against cynicism and disengagement, and for a living democracy with the people, all the people, at its heart.