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Unlock Democracy: Westminster cannot be trusted to solve its own problems

Commenting the revelation today that David Cameron and Jack Straw are to begin 'cross-party' talks on constitutional reform, Director of Unlock Democracy Peter Facey said:

"Westminster cannot be trusted to get itself out of the mess it has created; it is high time the public was given a say. So while cross-party talks are potentially welcome, if they are intended to shut down debate rather than open it up, they will ultimately prove counter-productive.

"Many of the proposals floating about at the moment do not go significantly further than the government's own constitutional renewal bill, which is currently sitting in legislative limbo. What seemed like a tiny step forward two years ago now looks totally inadequate in light of recent events.

"Politicians must not allow themselves to be fooled into thinking they can get away with only introducing the reforms that are least painful to them."

More information: The Guardian: Cameron agrees to cross-party talks on constitutional reform (http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2009/may/26/david-cameron-parliament-reform-jack-straw)



(1) Unlock Democracy is the UK's leading campaign for democracy, rights and freedoms. It was formed in 2007 and is the successor organisation to Charter 88 and the New Politics Network.

(2) For more information, contact James Graham on 020 7278 4443/07966 237550.

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