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Unlock Democracy: A six-step recovery plan for politics

A six-step recovery plan for politics
Date: 17 January 2008

Commenting on the Labour Party's decision today to report 80 Conservative MPs to the Electoral Commission for the late reporting of donations, Director of Unlock Democracy Peter Facey said:.

"It is hard to see what this can possibly achieve. In terms of late reporting, it is clear from the Electoral Commission's quarterly reports that the Labour Party has been the main offender. But all the main parties are repeat offenders in this respect and this sort of tit-for-tat finger pointing simply devalues politics in general in the eyes of the public., not this pathetic finger pointing.

"What we need is a clear commitment from the main parties to get their act together. Last month, Unlock Democracy launched its six step recovery plan for party politics. We should have added a seventh point: for parties to stop being in denial and recognise the seriousness of the mess they have got themselves into."

The six-point recovery plan for politics is available on the Unlock Democracy website.


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