What We Do

United Response provides a range of services for people with learning disabilities, mental health needs or physical disabilities.

The services we provide depend on each person we work with. We can provide 24-hour support for people with complex needs. We can job coach someone into work. We can provide outreach support for someone with a mental health need or work with people to be in control of the support they choose. This section shows you the breadth of our work.

The key is that we work with each person to do the things they want to do, supporting them to communicate what they want and tell us how we are doing.

Learning Disability
Our approach is person-centred and inclusive. We take account of people's history and background and work with each person and their circle of support. This includes families, carers and advocates.

Mental Health
Our emphasis, where possible, is on recovery.We are committed to early intervention to help prevent more serious problems from occurring.

We are also committed to overcoming isolation, combating prejudice and supporting our clients to maintain a presence in their local community. We work hard to build relationships and trust. We focus on demonstrating positive outcomes for people and support them to regain a greater sense of self-worth and independence.

The inclusion team works hard to truly include the people we support in our work.

The inclusion team is made up of specialists who work with staff and the people we support all over England and Wales.

Supported Employment
Having a job can make a real difference to a person's life. It can help someone become more independent. It can build confidence and start new friendships.

Many of the people we support want a job. We work with them to find out what they want to do, build their skills, and access opportunities.

We run a number of projects, including supported employment services and a growing range of social enterprises. We also run learning and skills development projects to help people gain the skills, qualifications and confidence they need.

Working With Families
We are committed to working with the families of the people we support. We aim to form a partnership that respects everyone's roles, skills and responsibilities.

Supporting You
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is funding Moving on and Planning Ahead. This is a new project to help people with a learning disability plan for their future.

UR Sorted
UR Sorted is a professional mail out service in Greater Manchester and Norfolk.

It is staffed mainly by people with learning disabilities and offers a range of professional and cost-effective services.

UR Consultants
UR Consultants is a unique service providing bespoke disability awareness training and consultancy at realistic rates.

The service was set up to provide a range of practical solutions for businesses, companies and organisations to help them communicate better with people with learning disabilities. In doing so, the service is making sure that people with learning disabilities are more included in society.

The 'About United Response' section tells you more about who we are and how we work.


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