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UNITE: Government's charter for bad bosses

Unite, Britain's biggest union, has branded a charter produced by the government for employers as a 'Charter for bad bosses'.

BIS, the department for business and skills has produced an employers charter which the union believes gives employers' a green light to bully and intimidate. It even encourages employers to sack staff.

Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey said:

"This charter gives bad bosses a green light to bully and intimidate. It even encourages employers to sack staff. It's no coincidence that the employers' charter comes on the same day the government proposes to make it easier to fire workers but harder for them to access justice in the courts. The government have declared open season on workers rights.

"In one of the gloomiest weeks for the economy this year we've heard nothing from the government about creating jobs. We only hear about the need for cuts and harassing people out of work.

"In reality this does employers no favours. Employers who misinterpret this advice will quickly find themselves in court and the guidance threatens to cause chaos across industry."


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