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Queen’s Speech shows deluded government devoid of ideas says Unite

Britain’s largest union, Unite branded today’s (Wednesday, 9 May) Queen’s Speech, as devoid of ideas and accused the government of being delusional if it thinks that making it easier to fire people will kick start the economy back into life.

Commenting, Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey, said: “With mass unemployment and a double dip recession Cameron and Clegg should be outlining plans for growth and jobs. Instead we had a Queen’s Speech lacking in imagination where the only idea is more austerity.

“The government is delusional, if it thinks that making it easier to fire people will suddenly spur the flagging economy into life. Today’s Queen Speech was devoid of any hope or ideas of how to get the economy growing. Instead the government signalled more misery with plans to penalise ordinary working people by either stripping their employment rights away, or making them work until they drop.

“Taking away people’s rights in the workplace will create insecurity at work and hit consumer confidence. Along with a reduction in health and safety inspections, it gives a green light to ‘rogue’ employers.

“The government is also looking to add to that misery by railroading through changes to public sector pensions and the state pension age which will see people working longer, paying more and getting less.”

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