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Nissan's new model is a boost for British manufacturing

Nissan's announcement for a new model called the 'Invitation' to be built in Sunderland is a boost for skilled jobs and a lifeline for the local economy says, Unite, Britain's biggest union.

Nissan have announced plans to build a new model at its UK factory under a £125 million investment programme, creating 2,000 new jobs. The car will be built at the Sunderland plant from mid-2013 in a project supported by a £9.3 million grant from the government.

Unite national officer, Tony Murphy said:

"This is a boost for skilled jobs and a lifeline for the local economy.

"The success of the British car industry is proof that with the right suppport and investment, UK manufacturing can flourish. Nissan's announcement is a testament to the UK's car building capability and the skills of the Sunderland workforce.

"Intervention to support industry works when it is done properly. The government has taken a step in the right direction, we hope this is a sign that the coalition is getting serious about supporting manufacturing. The government must now go further with a robust and interventionist strategy to defend and create jobs ."

Unite has proposed ten pillars to support manufacturing. Unite's 2020 Vision calls for a strong and robust manufacturing base which uses the latest technology, invests in the future and invests in apprenticeships and skills in order to avoid skill shortages and create a successful and balanced economy.

Ten pillars to support manufacturing are:

Build a framework of policies to defend strategically important industries.
Continued financial support through interventionist policies.
Targeted support for small and medium sized enterprises.
Better use of government purchasing power to secure manufacturing jobs in the UK.
Maximising the opportunities that the low carbon revolution offers.
Delivery of an education and skills framework which meets all industry’s needs.
Creating a university structure which builds on the science base so necessary to secure high skilled jobs.
Create right investment environment for research and development.
Creation of a level playing field to deliver security and fair pricing for energy.
A framework of legislation which promotes transparency and engagement for all stakeholders in the future of manufacturing.

Unite’s 2020 Vision is available to download from the Unite website, please visit www.unitetheunion.org

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