What We Do

"At TACT we know that too many young people in the looked after system under achieve. We want every young person to achieve their full potential and to go on to be happy, contented adults and to be able put something back into society"
Kevin Williams, Chief Executive

TACT is a national charity for children and young people involved with the care system. Our core services are fostering and adoption, however we also offer a range of other services to help, support, encourage and empower our young people and families.

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TACT is an Independent Fostering Provider. This means that we recruit, train and support foster carers and look after children and young people on behalf of local authorities.
Click here for more information on fostering and visit our Becoming a Foster Carer page if you are interested in becoming a foster carer.

Adopting a child could be the most life-changing decision you ever make. IAS TACT Adoption is here to make the process as positive as positive as possible.

IAS TACT Adoption was formed in 2007 when TACT merged with the adoption charity, IAS.

We are a registered adoption agency, providing support, guidance and assessments for prospective adoptive parents, working with Local Authorities to match children with adoptive parents and supporting families post-adoption.

Visit the TACT website to find out more about adopting a child.

Outreach and Contact
Our Outreach Support service is aimed at young people who are at risk of becoming or are already 'looked after' by the Local Authority. Our aim is to support young people to remain in their families wherever possible.

Visit the TACT website for more information on the TACT Outreach Support service.

TACT receives money from Local Authorities to support our foster carers and young people in placement. However, often young people and families need more services than this allowance will pay for. These additional services we group under the heading 'TACT +' and they are funded through donations, grants and partnerships.

TACT+ services will include mental health support, education workers, participation activities, specialist training, personal and social development courses and mentoring.

TACT believes in providing Child Centred Care - giving each young person and their carers a tailored and appropriate package of support and activities.

If you believe in helping young people achieve their potential, click here to find out how you can support TACT.


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