TACT Today

The Adolescent and Children's Trust (TACT) is the UK's largest charity provider of fostering and adoption services. Working in nine offices across England, Wales and Scotland, we are dedicated to providing effective services and campaigning on behalf of children and young people in care and families.

Over the years, TACT's core work has been the provision of foster placements for children in the care of local authorities. However, in recent years we have merged and joined up with other organisations and have diversified our areas of work. In 2007, we merged with the Independent Adoption Services (IAS) and have integrated their work into our care services. More recently, TACT joined together with the charity Parents for Children (PfC). PfC had a nationwide reputation in providing fostering and adoption placements for children with profound needs.

TACT also seeks to influence opinion and raise awareness of issues affecting children in care. In 2007, we merged with Children Law UK (CLUK), an organisation working to benefit children involved in the justice system. CLUK has now been incorporated into TACT's external affairs department, which campaigns, lobbies parliament and works in the media on behalf of children in care.

TACT is a children's charity and everything we do is for the benefit of children in care and on the fringes of care. Operating profits are invested back into our service provision to ensure our carers and the children in our care receive the best support we can provide.

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