More about TACT

Our vision

Together we are creating a world where every young person is raised by people who care; where communities flourish because we help young people build lives full of opportunity and choice.

Our mission

We are harnessing the strength of families, carers, communities and organisations to unconditionally support and encourage children and young people to achieve their full potential.

Our values

  • Aspirational: by helping others to grow, we grow ourselves.
  • Passionate: we are determined to keep improving what we do. We will ambitiously pursue the best outcomes for everyone we work with.
  • Engaged: we want to listen well and respond quickly to the people we work with – children and young people, their birth families, carers, our staff and supporters.
  • Fair and equitable: we will be open and transparent, communicating what we do and why we do it, based on equality and respect for all.
  • Beyond profit: we will make every decision based on what is best for children and young people. We will deliver excellent services as efficiently as possible in order to continually invest in the people we work with.