IRTE (The Institute of Road Transport Engineers)

The Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) was founded in 1944 and is one of the most respected names in UK transport. It is a Professional Sector of the SOE.

Its remit is to encourage ever-higher standards of transport engineering excellence from a unique and independent standpoint. Safety in operation is a key priority and IRTE has an industry-leading role in this respect. Recent initiatives have included research into tipper stability, wheel loss prevention, longer-heavier vehicles and assisting its members in understanding corporate liability.

IRTE publishes the industry-respected monthly magazine Transport Engineer, as well as a wide range of technical guides. IRTE is a partner in the CV Show (, the UK's most successful commercial vehicle exhibition. It aims to assist the road transport industry in overcoming skills shortages and pioneered the irtec licensing scheme for transport engineers, technicians and mechanics.

IRTE members come from a wide variety of transport-related roles including apprentices and technicians in both the light and heavy vehicle and bus and coach sectors, workshop managers, fleet engineers, transport managers and company directors.

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To join the IRTE, please visit the SOE website, call the membership team on 020 7630 6666, or email