Sector Skills Agreement

A Sector Skills Agreement is an effective assessment of skills needs and priorities within the Justice sector. It identifies and articulates the sector's future workforce and skill needs so that employers, learning providers and Skills for Justice can take appropriate action to address them.

It is intended to provide a means whereby employers and employees in the Justice sector can identify skills and productivity needs, the action they will take to meet those needs, and how they will collaborate with providers of training and skills so that skills demand can directly shape the nature of supply.

This framework will allow all parties to agree what actions will be collectively taken to meet the identified priorities by providing strategic employer leadership, putting in place a mechanism for identifying shared objectives and contributions between employers and agencies and establishing a clear set of accountable actions.

Components of the Skills Management Strategy

We have now completed all phases of developing the Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) for the Justice Sector.

Following an assessment of the skills needs of the sector, as well as learning and training provision available, a number of challenges were identified that face employers. From these challenges a series of solutions and action plans have been developed, for each UK nation and each strand of the sector. Each of the plans represents significant consultation with employees and is a result of ongoing development throughout 2007.

Download and read the SSA and summary reports

The real impact of the SSA will come from delivering project outcomes and activities, working in partnership with employers to address the challenges facing the Justice Sector.


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