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Skills for Justice: Justice sector wages are 50% higher than UK average

Did you know that the gross weekly earnings for Justice Sector workers are 50% higher than for the economy as a whole? Thanks to the development of an innovative online matrix by Skills for Justice, which contains Labour Market Information and Intelligence (LMII), organisations in the Justice Sector can now gain a greater understanding of the labour market in which they operate.

LMII is information on how learning, skills and employment markets operate. For the Justice sector this means the matrix contains a wealth of data on a range of topics, such as

- information about the different employers and occupations within justice and the skills that people need
- vacancy and salary information
- types of jobs available
- skills shortages and gaps
- the characteristics of the workforce (age, gender, ethnicity etc)
- the skills levels of the workforce (education, training, qualifications etc)
- the structure and performance of the economy as a whole, forecasted changes, and comparison with other sectors

The data at www.skillsforjustice-lmimatrix.com is available for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and is also collated for the whole of the UK. It provides employers within the Justice Sector with the opportunity to benchmark their data with other similar organisations.

Some organisations may have targets to meet regarding their workforce ethnicity and/or gender composition - our data can now be used by these organisations to assess whether they are as successful in reaching these targets as others doing similar work, or the geographical area in which they operate. For example, 63% of employees working within Police and Law Enforcement in the UK are male, whereas within Prosecution Services the figure is only 33%.

Alan Woods, OBE, CEO, Skills for Justice, said:

"This new matrix is a superb tool for organisations to really gain a better understanding of their current workforce, and identify where there are training and development needs. It provides a wealth of data for HR teams and managers to seek solutions to a variety of workforce development issues."

One of the other benefits to employers is that the data can be used to support quality careers information, advice and guidance (IAG), meaning the Justice sector is more likely to attract appropriately skilled or prepared people, who have made more appropriate career choices.

Data within the Matrix has been sourced from the Office for National Statistics, National Employer Skills surveys from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and from data provided within Annual Reports, Workforce Statistics Bulletins and other relevant publications provided by justice sector organisations or Government Departments, as well as our own annual employers survey and research programme.


Notes to editors

Skills for Justice is employer-led and works in partnership to ensure that the Justice sector has the necessary skills and staffing to be productive, efficient and effective. It will provide additional benefits and value to the justice sector through a coordinated approach to skills issues, better use of resources, increased ability to attract development funding into the justice sector and increased ability to meet the needs of the individual countries in the UK.

Skills for Business is an employer-led network consisting of 25 Sector Skills Councils. Through its unrivalled labour market intelligence and insights from the employers in all sectors of the UK economy, the network identifies change needed in policy and practice relating to education and skills development. With the influence granted by licenses from the governments of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and with private and public funding, this independent network engages with the education and training supply-side, such as universities, colleges, funders and qualifications bodies, to increase productivity at all levels in the workforce.

For more information please contact Ally Mogg, Marketing & PR Officer on 0114 231 7387 or email: ally.mogg@skillsforjustice.com

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