Objectives, Role & Structure

. To promote long-term, sustainable aviation policies, that lead to a reduction in the environmental impact of aviation whilst securing any social and economic benefits.
. To increase the understanding of the local and global impacts of aviation on the environment and communities.
. To identify and promote the changes needed to move towards sustainable aviation practices within the industry and Government.
. To work with other organisations on the formulation of policy advice.

We have a varied work programme to develop our role and publicise our work so that we:
. give our Local Authority membership a voice by providing a forum for them to share the issues that are of concern to them, and by representing these issues to Government, industry and other stakeholders;
. search for new ways to match the needs of the aviation industry and the communities we serve;
. provide advice to the Local Government Association on any strategic aviation topic;
. identify and seek to fill gaps in Government aviation policy;
. encourage the growth of regional air services in suitable locations so that better job and travel opportunities are available at local airports;
. share experience and best practice regarding aviation planning issues, and maintain a current awareness of such issues;
. gather and advertise examples of best practice from abroad;
. monitor and take issue with new aviation challenges to the environment;
. promote our case to the Government and opposition parties, Select Committees, the aviation industry and regulators, ensuring that the issues and the alternative solutions are understood; and
. respond to consultation documents on future development in the transport sector so that sustainability issues drive airport development.

. Councillors and officers from member councils take decisions at SASIG meetings. They are kept up to date via email alerts, the SASIG website, and the fortnightly SASIG Bulletin, containing Parliamentary, Government, industry and media news.
. The SASIG Chairman is Councillor Jamie Macrae who also represents Cheshire East Council.
. The SASIG Honorary President is Richard Worrall, former Chairman of SASIG.
. The SASIG Director provides technical advice on aviation issues and represents SASIG at high-level meetings and conferences.
. The SASIG Policy Officer and Information Officer research relevant issues, produce reports to put forward SASIG's viewpoint, draft consultation responses, produce the fortnightly SASIG Bulletin and administer the group.

For information on SASIG visit www.sasig.org.uk


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