RSPCA Publications

The RSPCA's array of leaflets, reports, magazines, books and posters are designed to inform and educate people about animal welfare.

As well as our two membership magazines, animal life and Animal Action, we produce colourful campaign leaflets and posters on all sorts of animal welfare issues, at-a-glance wall charts on animal care, pet care guides for children and adults, educational materials for use in schools and much more.

The RSPCA produces a number of reports that support our vital animal welfare campaigns and raise awareness of various important animal welfare issues.

The welfare state
This report The welfare state: measuring animal welfare in the UK 2007 is the third annual publication of indicators that assesses how the UK is performing with regard to the welfare of its animals.

Humane stray dog control
A report issued in November 2007 looking at the complex issues surrounding stray dog management internationally and the need for more humane control methods.

Farm animal welfare in the USA
This briefing issued in 2007 looks at the recent improvements that the USA has made in farm animal welfare.

Everyone's a winner
This report issued in September 2006 provides first-time evidence that meat chickens reared to higher welfare standards are significantly healthier.

Coming of Age
Report issued March 2006 on the age of the UK caged egg production faciliities, commissioned as part of the RSPCA's campaign for a ban on battery cages.

Keep the noise down
Report issued in November 2005 to further strengthen the RSPCA's campaign to reduce the noise level on fireworks from 120 decibels (dBAI) - the equivalent to a jet aircraft taking off, to 97dBAI - similar to that of a car door slamming.

The case against cages
This report issued by the RSPCA in September 2005 looks at why there is no need for hens to be kept in cruel cages, as there are alternatives available. It demonstrates how barn and free-range systems offer higher welfare standards for egg laying hens.