RSPCA International

RSPCA International is one of the main organisations assisting in the humane treatment of animals overseas.
. It advises governments and organisations on animal welfare legislation based on UK and European precedents.
. It responds to appeals for help with crises caused by natural disasters such as oil spills by sending trained people, veterinary equipment and drugs.
. It offers help through training and aid improving animal welfare standards in communities and countries where funds and resources are minimal.
In 2008 the RSPCA Overseas Fund distributed more than £600,000 to projects in over 30 different countries.

RSPCA International's influence is vital. Phasing out inhumane methods of farming, improving conditions for laboratory animals and wild animals are international campaigns that have benefited from the RSPCA's support.

The RSPCA works closely with other animal welfare organisations whose objectives match its own. Read about progress around the world in our newsletter.

It also works in partnership with governments and teachers to enforce legislation and educate children and the public on the welfare needs of animals.

In 2008 with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), new guidance was drawn up on ways for local authorities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to improve dog management and stray dog control.
Read the report: Stray animal control practices in Europe.

European legislation
RSPCA International maintains a high profile in Europe, and has influenced the strengthening and standardisation of animal welfare legislation in the European Union since the UK joined in 1973. It works in conjunction with the umbrella animal welfare group Eurogroup for Animals.

For more information on RSPCA International including campaigns, news, funding, support and development visit the RSPCA website.