The RSPCA fights for animal welfare in the UK and throughout the world - campaigning on a variety of issues.

Here you will find details on a number of our campaigns - covering domestic, wild, farm and research animals. On our main website you will find each page has its own set of action points that you can use to help show your support.

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The RSPCA works and campaigns on every animal welfare issue and is uniquely placed to offer information and advice from its postion as an enforcer of animal welfare laws, its scientific team and its own label higher welfare assurance scheme Freedom Food. It also runs high profile campaigns each year.

Current campaigns

Litter costs lives

Annually, the RSPCA receives over 7,000 phone calls about litter-related incidents and our inspectors regularly rescue pets, farm and wild animals trapped or hurt by discarded litter.

Do circuses still use animals?

Unfortunately, animals are still used in British circuses. An estimated 150-200 animals are currently held, and an estimated 37 of these are wild animals.

Join the race to protect greyhounds

Every year at least 10,000 greyhounds are retired from racing. The fate of many of these greyhounds is unknown and huge numbers simply 'disappear'. Help us demand better protection for racing greyhounds.

Rooting for pigs!

Join our 'Rooting for pigs' campaign to significantly improve the welfare of one of the most intelligent, inquisitive and highly social farm animals.

We are calling for:
. clear and consistent labelling on pork products
. a better law to protect pig welfare.

Puppy trafficking - Stop the puppy traffickers

Thinking of getting a puppy? Make sure you know where your puppy comes from. Our campaign exposes the grim realities of buying a puppy. Help us put an end to the puppies' suffering.

Demand welfare-friendly chicken

Around 855 million chickens are reared for their meat in the UK each year. The majority of these chickens are reared to standards the RSPCA believes are unacceptably low. Join our campaign to improve the lives of millions of chickens.

Animals in research - Directive 86/609

Animal experiment laws are changing - join our campaign to act now and help change them for the better.

Help animals leave the circus

The RSPCA believes the circus is no place for an animal. The life for an animal in a circus consists of frequent travel, restricted movements, poor living conditions and loud noises. The RSPCA is calling for a ban on the use of all animals in the circus.

"Back off badgers!"

The Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) has announced a badger cull in Wales as part of a strategy to tackle bovine TB in cattle. Tell the Welsh Assembly Government to 'back off badgers' and sign our petition today against the slaughter of badgers: sign our petition.

Bang! Fireworks frighten animals

Help keep animals safe from fireworks.

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