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RSPCA says plan for your pets if floods threaten

As the flood risk moves to different parts of the country the RSPCA is urging people to think about what will happen to their pets if they are forced to abandon their homes.

The RSPCA is working closely with Fire and Rescue services in the affected areas and has carried out several rescues so far, including:

Two dogs rescued from a caravan on the flooded Maesbangor Caravan Park at Aberystwyth in Wales.

A cat and some budgies transferred to an animal shelter after 20 basement flats on the seafront at Littlehampton in West Sussex were evacuated because of flooding.

20 cattle at Cuckfield Road near Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, marooned on a bank – a six-strong RSPCA Water Rescue Team are currently at the scene carrying out a rescue.

Sheep rescued near Billingshurst in West Sussex by fire brigade - some had already drowned

The Environment Agency has issued warnings of possible flooding in 34 areas - 28 in south-east England, three in Wales and others in the Midlands and parts of northern England.

There is one flood warning - where the risk of flooding is imminent - for the River Mole on the Surrey/Sussex border.

A six-metre high tide occurs at 1600 today and problems are expected in the Pulborough and Billingshurst areas of West Sussex which sit on a flood plain.

For animal owners who live in areas at risk from high water, the charity is urging them to monitor Environment Agency warnings and take steps to ensure their pets and livestock are safe, moving them to higher ground where necessary.

Pet owners are also advised to take any animals that may be at risk from flooding in their gardens to a place of safety.

RSPCA Inspector Tony Woodley said: “The public rightly feel very passionate about their animals and are often reluctant to leave them in times of crisis.

“It can make a difficult situation worse if they have not considered how they will care for their animals in transit or where to keep them until they can return to their homes.”

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