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RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme launches new online ad campaign

Freedom Food - the RSPCA’s food labelling scheme - is carrying out a new burst of online advertising this autumn in a bid to increase awareness of what its label means and better educate consumers about the importance of farm animal welfare.

Featuring former England Rugby player, and last year’s Celebrity Masterchef winner, Phil Vickery and TV presenter Linda Barker, the campaign kicks off on Monday 8 October and will run for four weeks across popular news, lifestyle and food websites.

The interactive campaign aims to get people thinking more about animal welfare when shopping for food in the run up to Halloween and Bonfire Night, as Freedom Food’s marketing manager, Liam Kurzeja, explains:

“We want to really drum home that if you care about farm animal welfare, Freedom Food is the only label backed by the RSPCA.

“It’s the only label that means the food you are buying has come from animals reared on farms – indoors, outdoors or free-range - that have been inspected to the RSPCA’s higher welfare standards.”

“As festivities such as Halloween and Bonfire Night fast approach and people are shopping for food to celebrate, it’s an important time for us to remind people to spare a thought for the welfare of farm animals.”

Campaign scope

Designed by Brighton-based Harrison and Co, the campaign has the same look and feel as Freedom Food’s spring advertising earlier this year which quadrupled the average expected

response rate.

It is made up of two online display ads (or rotating banner graphic ads) - one featuring chicken and the other a pig.

Both ads carry an offer to download a free copy of Freedom Food’s Autumn & Winter Celebrity Recipe Collection eBook**. When people click on the ads they will go to a webpage ( www.freedomfood.co.uk/ebook ) where they can also find out more about some of the key welfare concerns about animals farmed for food in the UK, and where to buy Freedom Food labelled products.

The ad will be displayed over 13m times over four weeks on different websites, driving an estimated 18,889 visitors to Freedom Food’s website. Freedom Food aims to achieve a 0.2% click through rate.

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