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RHA: welcomes measure to cut bad driving practice

The Road Haulage Association is pleased that tonight's (11.01.11) BBC1 programme, Motorway Cops, highlights the fact that many commercial vehicle drivers are still using their mobile 'phones while driving.

"Both drivers and employers need to realise that Traffic Commissioners can and do take action against both LGV Licences and Operators Licences" said RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning. "Employers should have clear policies and procedures in place to ensure that road safety is not jeopardised and drivers must be provided with the right equipment so that they can drive safely at all times.

"As the UK's leading road freight transport body, we take every opportunity to emphasise the professionalism shown by HGV drivers in this country", said RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning. "The road freight industry has a good safety record, largely as a result of excellent initiatives by enforcement bodies, so it is disappointing to see that there are drivers who continue to use their mobile telephones while driving.

"It appears that there are STILL drivers out there who continue to flout the law, despite the risks of prosecution, suspension of their licence or, even worse, causing a crash. They are nothing more than a risk to themselves and to other road users."

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