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RHA: FairFuelUK takes a BIG cheque to the Treasury

The total fuel duty contribution made to Treasury coffers by motorists, hauliers and all road users comes to an eye-watering £26.2bn.

Acute concerns that the high and rising price of fuel is bad for the economy and simply unsustainable for businesses and the motoring public alike, have been brought to the fore by the Campaign over recent weeks. To hammer the point home further, Quentin Willson has sent MPs two cheques; one demonstrating the amount of fuel duty paid by a typical hard-pushed haulier in a year, the other the amount of fuel tax paid on behalf of a typical motorist.

FairFuel campaigner, Peter Carroll, said: "We have made a tremendous impact and I am certain that every Member of Parliament is now aware of what we stand for and what we want to achieve. However, being aware is not enough and with Budget day looming large we need to keep this issue well and truly in the spotlight.

It is essential that we gain as much support for this Campaign as is humanly possible in the time available. We now have cross-party support from over 100 MPs. We are very gratified by this and thank them most sincerely for their support, but to make a difference, we need more.

"This is not a campaign about 'sides', it is about getting a fair deal for business, the motorist and, indeed, the general public concerned with the UK's economic recovery."

FairFuelUK which is backed by the Road Haulage Association and the Freight Transport Association - who between them represent over 20,000 businesses, the RAC, which represents over 7 million motorists and national newspaper The Daily Express.


Notes for editors

A 44-tonne truck does on average 85,000 miles a year. At 8.2mpg this would use over 47,000 litres of fuel and equate to approximately £28,000 in fuel duty alone. (Source: FTA's Managers Guide to Distribution Costs).

A car doing 12,000 miles a year at 35 mpg uses 1557 litres a year, at £1.30 a litre this means the combined fuel duty and VAT is approx £1292.00.

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