Current Campaigns

So what are we campaigning to change?

Welfare Reform 2011

The Department for Work and Pensions published a White Paper, 'Universal Credit: welfare that works', that sets out Government plans to simplify benefits. Find out what is changing. 

Breaking Down the Wall
We are campaigning to break down the wall of stigma and discrimination faced by people affected by severe mental illness, brick by brick.

Opening Doors
We are campaigning to open to the doors to mental health services, and to ensure they are good quality. It is essential that treatments and services are available, accessible and delivered to high standards.

We Care, We Count
Rethink want carers to be valued, listened to and supported. This campaign works towards these goals, and began with work on the Carers' Strategy.

Moving People
9 out of 10 people with mental illness can't do things like going to the pub, out to the shops or have normal relationships with family and friends because of the stigma and discrimination they face. We are about to move a large step closer to changing this.

Rethink Politics - the project
The Electoral Commission is funding Rethink to carry out a large scale project about the involvement of service users and carers in the democratic process. This will be carried out in both England and Northern Ireland. The project started in January 2007 and will continue to the end of December 2009.

Cannabis and mental illness
Cannabis has serious mental health risks. Find out what Rethink wants to change and what steps the Government should take to address the mental health risks linked to cannabis use.

We can't do it alone - whatever time you've got to spare, you can make a difference! Find out how here.