A. Who are PSAEW?
The Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales (PSAEW) is the sole professional Staff Association for police officers in the ranks of Superintendent and Chief Superintendent. There are approximately 1,550 members who belong to Branches of the Association in the 43 Home Office Police forces in England and Wales. The Association also has Branches in the British Transport Police and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

The PSAEW is separate from the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (ASPS) and the Superintendents Association of Northern Ireland (SANI).

The PSAEW is one of three Staff Associations in England and Wales who represent police officers; the other two being the Police Federation of England and Wales (for officers of Constable, Sergeant, Inspector and Chief Inspector rank) and the Chief Police Officers Staff Association (for officers of Assistant and Deputy Chief Constable and Chief Constable rank).

B. What does the PSAEW do?
The Rules of the Association set out the objectives of the Association which are:-

To lead and develop the Police Service to improve the quality of our service delivery to local communities

To influence practice, policy, and decision making at Chief Officer and Government level.

To provide appropriate support and advice to members to maintain and improve upon the professional status of the rank and to constitutionally enjoy the rights of consultation, participation and negotiation on all matters relating to the duties, responsibilities, welfare and efficiency of the members and the Police Service other than in respect of promotion affecting individuals.

C. Is the PSAEW a trade union?
No. The Association is a Staff Association and is not affiliated to the Trades Union Congress.

Police Officers are not permitted by law to be members of a Trade Union and they do not have the right to strike.

D. How many people work for the PSAEW?
The Association has four full time police officers, who are seconded from their home police forces, in the roles of President, Vice President, National Secretary and Deputy National Secretary. The Association also has a Professional Standards Co-ordinator, a Marketing Manager, a Finance Officer, a Personal Assistant to the National Secretary and an Administrative Officer. Branch officers of the association undertake their Association responsibilities as well as their roles in their force.

E. How is the PSAEW financed?
Members of the Association pay a membership subscription and the Home Office also fund some of the activities of the Association

F. Who decides the policies of the PSAEW?
The Association has a National Executive Committee (NEC) which meets regularly throughout the year and the NEC has responsibility for the policies of the Association. The NEC is made up of 13 serving officers from across England and Wales.

G. How much do Superintendents get paid?
The pay of Superintendents and Chief Superintendents in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is negotiated between the Staff Side and the Official Sides of the Superintendents' Committee of the Police Negotiating Board (PNB).

The resulting pay scales are published in PNB Circulars (available at the website of the Office of Manpower Economics) and in Home Office Circulars (available at the Home Office website).