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PSAEW Conference 2010 - President's speech

I am going to start by posing you a question.

What it is that separates success from failure? Excellence from mediocrity? Innovation from stagnation?

LEADERSHIP. And leadership for me is about having VISION AND AMBITION

Let no one be in any doubt. We have reached a pivotal moment in policing in this country and the success of the future direction of policing will be about the quality of leadership that everyone in this room will need to demonstrate.

We have a new Government that has a mandate to bring change across the public services, facing the most serious financial crisis in over 80 years and a political vision that wants to see a fundamental change in the relationship between the state and the people.

In rebalancing that relationship, policing will in one way or another play a critical role, both as an organisation that is part of the engine of change AND as an organisation that will have to embrace change itself and the relationship we have with the communities we serve. Leadership will, in my view, be critical, so too ambition, vision and of course the skills to see reforms through to success but we are looking for CONTINUITY.

And we as Superintendents, as leaders, have that ambition and vision, a proven track record of delivery and above all in a world where politicians come and go, Chief Officers likewise, we can provide the continuity that our police forces, our staff AND those in the wider world of partnerships so crucial to delivering first class services to the public, expect and need.

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