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NUT Cymru motion at Wales TUC Conference calls for school banding rethink

NUT Cymru has continued its call for a review of the school banding system as part of a motion to the Wales TUC Conference in Llandudno. Wales’ largest union for qualified teachers has been leading opposition to the controversial system since it was introduced in December 2011. The motion highlights the detrimental impact banding is having on schools and staff across Wales and calls on the Welsh Government to review the decision to implement it.

NUT Wales Secretary David Evans said:

“Our opposition to the Welsh Government’s school banding system is well documented. On an almost daily basis, the NUT Cymru office is contacted by teachers who are seeing their own ability to make a difference diminished because of the problems associated with this league table style system.

“Schools stigmatised by the banding system are seeing less community engagement, declining morale and potential shifts in their traditional pupil intakes. These factors will have a long lasting and profound impact on the ability of schools to improve. Far from encouraging better performance, the banding system will lock in traditional socio-economic problems.

“We cannot accept a system that is fundamentally flawed and allows schools to enter into a cycle of decline. This motion to the Wales TUC Conference is sending a clear message to the Welsh Government that the profession does not support the banding system, and that for the sake of education in Wales, it has to reconsider its approach.”

Notes to editor:

· To arrange an interview with David Evans please contact him on 07815 071164

· The motion will be debated on the afternoon of Wednesday 23 May.

· The conference motion reads:

Conference notes with concern the introduction of school banding for schools in Wales. Conference considers the ranking of schools on performance a return to divisive and unhelpful league tables in Wales.

Conference further notes the detrimental impact that these bandings is already having on those employed in the education sector in Wales, including:-

The reduced morale and motivation of school employees
The detrimental impact on school performance
The potential risk of job losses and redundancies for school employees due to a reduction in children attending schools stigmatised as a result of their bandings.
Conference calls on the Welsh Government to consider the impact of the banding system on educational performance and employees in the education sector and revisit the decision to implement it.


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