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NUT: A struggle we simply must win

NUT Wales Secretary speaks at Scottish TUC Conference

NUT Wales Secretary, David Evans will today, (Wednesday 25 April), state that it is more important than ever that the TUC in Wales, Scotland and across the UK puts forward its alternative view to the agenda being followed by the Westminster Government.

Speaking at the Scottish TUC Conference in Inverness, and representing Wales TUC, Mr Evans will continue to press the case for a change to the cuts agenda and pensions attacks that have been central to the Conservative and Liberal Democrat policies.

The NUT Wales Secretary will be resolute that the struggle faced by trade unions, and their members across the UK, is one that they simply must win.
NUT Wales Secretary David Evans will tell the Conference:

“Over the last year, the work of the Wales TUC has been dominated by its opposition to the UK Government’s austerity drive, whilst, at the same time working closely with the Welsh Government in an attempt to try to mitigate any impact on jobs and services.

“It is clear, however, that while we can do a lot via our respective devolved Governments, action by the Welsh Government and Scottish Parliament alone cannot save us from the full effects of austerity measures.

“The trade union movement throughout the UK will do all that it can for its members in persuading the Westminster Government that there is a better way and that it must secure this chance to grasp it.”

In closing, David Evans will argue that opposition to the Westminster Government’s agenda must continue:

“We are certainly not ‘all in this together’ and our members, our pensioners, our public service employees, the young, the poor and those on benefits are the ones who have been targeted to foot the bill. That is unacceptable to us in Wales. That is unacceptable to you in Scotland, and we must continue to oppose this as strongly and as vehemently as we can.”

Notes to editor;
If you would like to interview David Evans with regard to this event, he can be contacted on 07815 071 164.

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