Pet Health Information

The Pet Health Information website is a 'one stop shop' featuring a wealth of animal health information and advice to enable owners and potential owners to make decisions about their pet's healthcare.

The site features a wide variety of pets, from dogs and cats through to degus and fish. Topics on the website range from infectious diseases and preventative medicine to pet behaviour and how to find your local vet.

The website gives you the opportunity to seek answers from expert vets in our Vet Q&A section, find vets and pet shops near you, and keep up to date with the latest discussions surrounding pet health with our Pet Health Blog.

As part of its Pet Factor campaign, the National Office of Animal Health has launched a competition via its consumer website Pet Health Information to find a pet with "the Pet Factor".

The Pet Factor campaign was launched with a set of three viral videos, focussing on Pet Factor auditions for a dog, cat, and hamster that reminded owners of the importance of basic pet care. The PHI site encourages owners to go to talk to pet care professionals to seek advice about how to keep their pets healthy and happy. For more information on the campaign visit and check out the videos below.

The Pet Factor Kitten

The Pet Factor Hamster

The Pet Factor Dog