Pre-payment meter Campaign

People on low incomes can pay over £100 a year more for gas or electricity than quarterly billed (standard credit) consumers. Too often, the poorest in society end up paying more for the kind of services most people take for granted.

The prepayment meter rip-off is another example of this and it needs to stop.

We are campaigning for energy suppliers to equalise their prepayment meter (PPMs) tariffs with their best standard credit rate. There may be additional costs involved with installing and maintaining meters, but that hasn't stopped five of the 'big six' energy companies from equalising already.

We want to see all of the 'big six' energy companies equalise for gas and electricity - they should absorb any additional overheads themselves rather than passing them on to their poorest customers.

Visit our website for details of action you can take, including writing to your MP.