Election Manifesto

The Federation's election manifesto, The tools for success, explores the housing challenges facing the next government and offers a range of innovative policy proposals.

. Download the manifesto: The tools for success (PDF, opens new window)
. Read the executive summary

The main focus of the manifesto is getting the economy moving and tackling the affordable housing crisis. It includes sections on:

. Building homes and using unsold properties
. Making our housing greener
. Reforming allocations
. Improving access to home ownership
. Supporting vulnerable and older people
. Tackling financial exclusion and fuel poverty.

A panel of members from a cross-section of housing associations helped to develop the policy proposals and ensure they are reflective of the whole sector.

The next general election will be one of the most important for many years, with a high number of MPs stepping down and a new generation of politicians entering parliament.

If you are a sitting MP or candidate, and you have a question about any aspect of our policy proposals, please contact Henry Gregg, Public Affairs Manager, on 020 7067 1185 or email.