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Andrea joins MRSA Action UK in memory of her Dad

On the 15th November 2011, my life changed forever as a result of MRSA. My wonderful Dad Clifford Jenkyns passed away on that sad day. In July 2011, my Dad went into hospital for a routine procedure to insert a lung drain. This is where he caught MRSA.

The cleanliness standards of the hospital were questionable, and the things that we witnessed were unbelievable. My Dad bravely fought against this terrible infection for over four months. He went from being a vibrant full of life healthy person, who always helped other people, to being weak, frail and weighing less than seven stone. Then on that November night we lost him, he died in the arms of my wonderful Mum.

MRSA not only effects patients but leaves a lasting scar on the hearts and lives of those who are left behind. This is the reason that I became a trustee of MRSA Action UK, I want to support those who have gone through what my family and I have gone through, and I want to do all I can to spread the word, and prevent it from happening to other people.
MRSA Action UK was founded by a group of people who all had life changing experiences or lost a loved one through contracting MRSA. We came together through our involvement in supporting each other and have broadened our membership by supporting others through our work with healthcare providers and the agencies that support the health economy. We have formed alliances with other organisations from around the UK to join in our campaign for safer standards in our hospitals and healthcare settings.

We are all volunteers and share a common purpose - to relieve the distress and suffering experienced by patients who contract healthcare associated infections. We aim to raise the awareness of the general public in all areas relating to healthcare associated infections.

MRSA Action UK work alongside other patient groups and charities, regulators and government agencies to help bring improvements and safe standards to the healthcare system.

I am pleased to announce that I in addition to becoming a trustee of MRSA Action UK, I have also taken on the role as the regional representative for the East Midlands. If you require any help or support then please do not hesitate to contact me. MRSA Action UK has a wealth of knowledge available to support you, including a guide for those who are going into hospital. If you are also interested in becoming a member or supporting the charity then please do let me know.

Andrea Jenkyns, MRSA Action UK Trustee and East Midlands Representative for the Charity.
Contact: www.mrsaactionuk.net e: andrea.jenkyns@mrsaactionuk.net http://www.justgiving.com/mrsaactionuk/donate

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