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19/09/2009 - MRSA Action UK: National Quality Board sub-group meeting to discuss the development of the new MRSA objective

National Quality Board sub-group
Meeting to discuss the development of the new MRSA objective

The Department of Health is developing a new goal for reductions in MRSA bacteraemia. This is set out in the NHS Operating Framework for 2009/10, following the achievement of the 50% national target reduction. As High Quality Care for All set out, once national targets are achieved they will become national minimum standards for all NHS organisations and a national standard for all patients. The stakeholder engagement exercise to consult on the new objective ended on the 24th July.

Derek Butler will attend the National Quality Board sub-group to evaluate the issues raised in responses from healthcare professionals. The sub-group are keen to understand the issues involved and make the right choice to drive improvement in MRSA without de-motivating staff. The sub-group will make recommendations to the National Quality Board following the evaluation of the stakeholder responses.

We believe the MRSA Objective should be zero tolerance to avoidable infections; the targets for improvement therefore need to be local and deliverable. To read our response to the National Quality Board click here.

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