About us

Livability creates opportunities for disabled people and brings life to communities.

We believe everyone should have the freedom to live their lives and have the chance to use their abilities.

We offer a wide range of innovative services to support and empower disabled people throughout their lives. We also provide community organisations with the resources, advice and confidence to impact their neighbourhoods.

We are at the forefront of providing vital services and support to disabled people. In partnership with Livability Housing, we work with over 100 local authorities and have a combined annual turnover of over £50 million.

Our values
Our core values of choice, independence and control shape the way we work. We believe in the equality and unique value of every individual, and create opportunities for people to fulfil their potential and live life to the full. We work in partnership not just with those who use our services, but with their families, local communities and other organisations. Together with Livability Housing, we work with over 8,500 disabled people and their families every year.

Our vision
We want to see a transformed society where disabled and disadvantaged people can live life to the full.

Our mission
Inspired by our Christian ethos we work with disabled and disadvantaged people to achieve real choice, independence and opportunity. We do this through our specialist expertise, the breadth and quality of our services and by campaigning for change.

Our ethos
We derive our inspiration and values from the life, message and teaching of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. These Christian beliefs shape what we do and provide the basis on which our work is founded.

Our ethos and the values that flow from it, are an expression of our shared commitment to put into practice the teaching of Jesus Christ and our understanding of how God calls us to work in the world.

We warmly welcome people of all faiths, or none to work with us, asking them only to share our commitment to living out our values through their work and serving all unconditionally.

Registered charity number 1116530.
Registered in England number 05967087.
Company limited by guarantee.

Livability is the operating name for Grooms-Shaftesbury.

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