IET: Cloud computing

Cloud based service provision is a relatively new development that continues to get press attention highlighting the benefits of migrating services to cloud providers.

Whilst there may be business and or cost benefits in taking up cloud services, care needs to be taken to selectively choose the best solutions that fit the user or organisational requirements without introducing unforeseen risks and pitfalls.

Today we take for granted many services whilst maybe not apparent are already cloud based.  What gets stored in the Cloud, the impact on access and security are likely to be attracting more attention as focus turns to big data who has access and where it is stored.

The new set of four IET Cloud factfiles are designed to assist policy makers and technical architects who wish to learn more about Cloud.  Content includes highlighting factors that may not be apparent when considering migration to cloud based service provision.  Aspects covered, include the different type of cloud architectures, services that typically may be hosted plus other considerations such as security, data migration and standards.

Cloud Computing (part 1): an introduction to cloud computing

Cloud computing part 2 Cloud computing (part 2): commercial opportunities and business cases

Cloud computing part 3 Cloud computing (part 3): the security challenge

Cloud computing part 4 Cloud computing (part 4): procurement and commissioning