Dispute Resolution

Expert Witnesses, Arbitrators and Adjudicators

Expert Witnesses, Arbitrators and Adjudicators The IET serves the specialist requirements of the legal profession by nominating expert witnesses to present technical information in court. Furthermore, the model forms of contract have for many years included a section which permits the President of the Institution to appoint suitable members to arbitrate when a dispute occurs. A further extension was made in 1998 with the appointment of the IEE as an adjudicator nominating body (ANB) for disputes in the construction industry; this has been carried forward into the IET. The President's List of the IET is the source of neutral individuals qualified to resolve disputes or to act as expert witnesses, arbitrators and adjudicators in all areas of electrical engineering (including ICT), and manufacturing. This service does not include legal advice or advice relating to employment or professional indemnity. The List is not published. Requests for nominations/appointments should be made to: Tel: +44 (0)1438 765689 Dispute Resolution Service