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IET: Adapting UK infrastructure to climate change

Engineering the Future (EtF) is an alliance of the UK's leading engineering and technological institutions.

On 8 February they will publish a report, commissioned by DEFRA, on the challenges of adapting the UK's infrastructure to the threat of climate change.

The EtF group warns of the cost of tackling such issues as

. Electrification of transport
. Flooding from sea-level rise and extreme weather
. 'Greening' of buildings

Infrastructure, Engineering and Climate Change Adaptation: Ensuring services in an uncertain future also examines the vulnerability to the effects of climate change in different sectors of UK infrastructure; the modifications needed to increase resilience; and the lessons we need to learn from overseas.

Come to the SMC to hear the report's authors discuss their findings a day ahead of publication.

Speakers include:

Prof Will Stewart FREng, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Communications Policy Panel

Prof Eric Sampson CBE, IET Transport Policy Panel
David Nickols, Chair of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Water Panel

For further information please call Tom Sheldon on 020 7670 2976 or Robert Beahan at the IET on 01438 767336

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