The Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research (DHT) plays a leading role in funding and promoting the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research and testing.

Following a rigorous peer-reviewed selection procedure we support, assist and award grants to scientists in universities, hospitals and research organisations to undertake projects of the highest scientific calibre and the best potential for the replacement of animals.

We also promote and educate the scientific, political and public communities in the wider adoption of non-animal techniques to increase medical progress. As a result, the DHT has grown into one of the world’s leading exponents of non-animal research and is consulted internationally on replacement research methods by scientists, governments, education, animal welfare organisations and industry for its expertise.

For more than 40 years and relying solely on donations and legacies the DHT has awarded grants to over 140 research projects for some of the most advanced and successful human-related techniques in the most diverse areas of medical research including neurological disorders, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases and genetic diseases.
Through our funding and other activities, we continue to make major and practical contributions that have led to significant advances and innovations in biomedical research without using animals.

Dr Hadwen Trust expertise

  • To date, we have published over 270 reports of our funded research in scientific journals;

  • We organise and speak at numerous conferences to promote alternatives to animal experiments and organised the first international Tissue Culture Symposium;

  • We submit evidence to official enquiries into the conduct and ethics of medical research and testing, including giving evidence at the House of Lords and the European Parliament on the revision of the EU Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes;

  • We produce expert reports providing examples of progress in this specialist field, including “Towards a European Science Without Animal Experiments” and “Replacing Primates in Medical Research”;

  • We participate in major debates on animal experimentation and its alternativesWe support scientists in learning about and developing alternatives to animal use;

  • We are regularly consulted by governments, MEPs, scientists, universities, industry and animal welfare organisations worldwide for our expertise in alternatives to the use of animals;

  • We are active members of a number of advisory groups including ICAPO (The International Council on Animal Protection in OECD Programmes), APGAW (All Parliamentary Group on Animal Welfare) and the Boyd Group, where the DHT is advising the Home Office on the transposition of the new EU Directive 2010/63/EU into UK law.

  • The Dr Hadwen Trust is a registered charity established in 1970; registered charity number 261096.

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