Over the last five years, Dogs Trust has invested nearly £2 million in education services. We promote responsible dog ownership using resources and a dedicated website to encourage children to understand the work, time and money that goes into being a good dog owner.

Dogs Trust Education Officers offer free interactive workshops for 7-11 year olds in schools and youth groups across the country. Over the last five years, 8,547 workshops have taken place targeting 256,410 children from across the UK.

Our workshops encourage young people to explore problems of irresponsible dog ownership as part of our aim to reduce the number of stray and abandoned dogs in key areas of the UK and Ireland.

Working in Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, the North East and North West regions of the UK, our Education Officers use the theme of dog ownership as a means to help pupils develop self-esteem, confidence, responsibility, communication and teamwork skills.

International work


Dogs Trust recently joined forces with SPCA Malta to launch a unique neutering and education campaign set to improve animal welfare across Malta. We've developed a two-fold neutering and education strategy to reduce the number of stray and unwanted dogs and help improve the status of companion animals across the island.


Dogs Trust initiated a Trap, Neuter and Release or TNR programme in the city of Oradea, Romania called SOS Dogs Oradea. A five-year programme funded by Dogs Trust aims to neuter 6,000 street dogs and rehome 2,000 strays in a culture that previously saw no rehoming of street dogs.

An additional educational programme in local schools is also used to back up our work.

International Training and Workshops

We organise international training days for dog welfare counterparts overseas. Subjects include shelter management, legislation, building advice, and veterinary issues. Speakers on the course come from as far afield as Iran, Brazil, Lebanon and Peru.

We also offer a series of educational workshops across Europe focusing on the education work we carry out here in the UK and how it can be replicated on an international scale. This is done through workbooks, lectures and interaction.

For more information on Dogs Trust and our campaigns visit the website.