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Stolen puppy is found and returned to Dogs Trust Canterbury

Microchip technology alerts authorities.

A puppy stolen from Dogs Trust Evesham last October has been found 171 miles away wandering the streets of Dartford in Kent.

Munchie, an eight month old Lurcher puppy, was taken with his brother Pickles when the Evesham rehoming centre was broken into by thieves last year. Both pups had been microchipped by the charity and reported as stolen, so when Munchie was scanned by the Dartford Council dog warden he was immediately identified.

Munchie was taken to the nearest Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Canterbury where staff found he was underweight but still very friendly. Once Munchie has made a full recovery he will be available for Rehoming.

Lizzie Reffell, Dogs Trust Canterbury Centre Manager, explains:

"At Dogs Trust we microchip all our dogs and this is a great example of the technology in action. If Munchie had not been microchipped with our contact details and flagged as stolen we might never have seen him again. Collars and tags are easily removed, but microchips are a permanent form of identification.

"Sadly his brother Pickles is still missing, we're hopeful that one day he will be scanned by a vet or a dog warden and returned to Dogs Trust."

The government this week announced a public consultation proposing compulsory microchipping as part of their strategy to tackle the issue of Dangerous Dogs. Just a third of dog owners currently have their dog microchipped, but should this become a legal requirement more stolen and stray dogs could be reunited with their owners, ultimately reducing the 9,000 unidentified dogs that are destroyed by Local Authorities every year. A recent survey conducted by Dogs Trust shows that 88% of dog owners would be in favour of such a law.

Dogs Trust offers a low cost dog microchipping service for only £10. For more information or to arrange a microchipping appointment please contact Dogs Trust Evesham on 01386 830 613 or visit www.dogstrust.org.uk.


Notes to editors

1. A microchip is a small electronic device about the size of a grain of rice. It is implanted under a dog's skin using a sterile needle and contains a unique number linked to its owner whose contact details are stored safely on a national database.
2. Dogs Trust is the UK's largest dog welfare charity and cares for 16,000 dogs a year through its network of 17 Rehoming Centres across the country.
3. Dogs Trust's response to the government's Dangerous Dogs proposal can be found here.

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