Freedom to Live

Disabled young people hope for the same things as other young people; to travel, get a good job, start a family and live independently. They want a voice, a leisure and social life, and to be involved as active and valued citizens. However, the stark reality is that for far too many disabled young people their hopes and dreams are thwarted by a system that denies them their basic human rights.

Becoming an adult should mark the opening up of a world of exciting opportunities and possibilities.
For most disabled young people, however, it is when their world becomes smaller and more limited. Denied the opportunities and possibilities the rest the population take for granted.

It is less a move from childhood into adulthood, and more a move from childhood to retirement.

Whilst huge strides have been made over the last 30 years in raising the aspirations of disabled children and young people. We have become increasingly successful at encouraging them to aim higher. It is cruel that, at the point when their aspirations should start to become a reality, they are denied the opportunities and resources they need to make it happen.

Disappointment and frustrated ambition in early adulthood is devastating for many disabled people impacting on their self-confidence and belief in their ability to control their own fate throughout the remainder of their lives.

The vast majority of disabled young people have little or no choice over where they live, who they live with and how they spend their time. They are denied the freedom to live their life. This campaign is for them and their families.

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Denied the freedom to live, disabled young people speak out. Watch our campaign film featuring interviews with some of the disabled young people who have contributed to our report.


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