Freedom to Live
Disabled young people hope for the same things as other young people; to travel, get a good job, start a family and live independently. They want a voice, a leisure and social life, and to be involved as active and valued citizens. However, the stark reality is that for far too many disabled young people their hopes and dreams are thwarted by a system that denies them their basic human rights.
Independent living
Lord Ashley introduced a bill to the House of Lords, which will remove the barriers that disabled people experience in seeking to live independently. It aims to give all disabled people, including people with long-term health conditions and mental health conditions, clear rights to the practical support which they need to live with dignity and be able to participate fully in society as an equal citizen.
Life is a lucky dip
Life is a Lucky Dip for Disabled People is Livabilitys major campaign to engage politicians and other decision makers in a debate in the challenges facing disabled people.
Build for equality
The Build for Equality campaign calls on the Government to address the chronic shortage of accessible housing for disabled people in this country.


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