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Counties demand devolution 21/09/2014 - Huffington Post
CCN Chairman David Hodge write a guest blog on Huffington Post.

CCN Manifesto unveils a blue-print for local government 19/09/2014 - The MJ
The MJ cover the details of our Plan for Government 2015-20.

Devolution for the UK19/09/2014 - The Times
The Times cover the prospects of devolution across the UK, with comments from CCN.

CCN Press Release - Counties argue devolved powers essential for driving UK growth17/09/2014
Counties are today calling for a package of devolved powers that could transform what counties can contribute to the UK’s economy.

Whatever Scotland decides, English counties want greater devolution16/09/2014
Coverage of the launch of CCN's Plan for Government.

Cities sound alarm over vanishing care funds05/09/2014
CCN Care Spokesman Cllr Paul Carter defends the fairness of the recent transitions in BCF funding allocations.

Time to transform local government finance - 04/09/2014 - The MJ
CCN Vice Chairman David Borrow looks at the future of local government finance in the MJ.

Councillors to be exempted from paying tax on expenses24/07/2014 - The MJ
The MJ covers the HMT's decision to revise the way it considers travel expenses, with comments from CCN Chairman David Hodge.

Local Growth Deals - Impact around the UK 09/07/2014 - LGC
LGC looks at the impact of local growth deals with insights from CCN Chairman Cllr. David Hodge.

CCN Director Steps Down03/07/2014 
The local government media covers the retirement of CCN Director Caroline Cunningham.