Policy positions

The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) has a number of policy positions on a variety of issues. Policy statements recently published are listed below. To download these statements, please visit the CIHT website Policy Statements page.

The CIHT Transport Policy Statement - Published March 2003
This statement sets out ten key requirements for a better transport system.

The CIHT Position Statement on Highway Maintenance - Published December 07
This statement provides CIHT's view on issues including the importance of the role played by maintenance in highway policy; the impact maintenance has on the environment and the importance of sustaining a safe highway.

The CIHT Briefing Note on Road Pricing and Transport Infrastructure - Published November 07
This note outlines CIHT's position on road pricing as a result of the publication of the Department for Transport report 'Towards a Sustainable Transport System'.

CIHT Briefing Note on Travel Planning - Published November 07
This note gives CIHT's views on travel planning.

CIHT on EuroRap - Published October 07
This statement gives a summary of EuroRAP's strengths and weaknesses.

CIHT Diversity Policy
CIHT is an inclusive organisation that welcomes members from all Highways and Transportation-related fields and provides individuals from diverse backgrounds with the support that they need to develop as professionals.