Training & Careers

British Shipping is an industry of the future - well managed, technologically advanced and committed to respecting the environment. Opportunities exist NOW for capable and enthusiastic people to train to manage and operate modern and technically sophisticated ships. The prospects for development of a worthwhile and rewarding career as a navigating, engineering or electro-technical officer are excellent.

The shipping industry depends upon a core of highly competent and professional British seafarers who are respected worldwide for their high standards, the quality of their training, their ability and their judgment.

A career in the shipping industry provides:

. A fully paid for degree or diploma-based education and training programme
. Unequalled travel opportunities
. Exciting responsibility at an early age
. Excellent rewards
. Stimulating and varied work using the latest technology
. Qualifications that are recognised throughout the world
. A variety of options as you develop your career

Visit the Chamber of Shipping website for more information on degrees and diplomas, and colleges and training.