Annual Review
The last year was one of stark contrasts. The early part was a time of unprecedented growth in world shipping - with our industry continuing to benefit from the upswing in world trade, fuelled by fast growth in Asian markets, particularly China and India. We have since seen a dramatic slowdown in world trade and a collapse in shipping-freight rates in many major sectors. Western consumers are tightening their belts - with the end of cheap credit. With export markets slashed, countries like China and India are forced to rein back their economic expansion. As the carrier of 80% of world trade, shipping cannot hope to be unaffected by a world recession.

Making Waves
The Chamber of Shipping, the representative body for UK-based commercial shipping, has taken a lead position in the international industry's response to climate change by advocating a global and open emissions trading scheme.
"This is a bold and far-reaching decision that gives a lead to the rest of the shipping world," said Martin Watson, President of the Chamber of Shipping.

Codes & Guides
The Chamber of Shipping produce a range of codes and guides for the shipping industry.
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Health & Safety Posters
The Chamber of Shipping produce a range of health and safety posters for the shipping industry.
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MNTB Publications
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Crowd Management on board Passenger Vessels
This DVD (VHS is also available) is intended to serve as an aid for training crews of passenger vessels in issues of onboard crowd management.

Oxford Economics Study
The economic contribution of the UK shipping industry in 2007.
Oxford Economics: Final Report - February 2009

Manpower Survey 2007
This is the latest in the current series of Chamber Manpower Survey reports.